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Established in 2015, MILLEDOLLARI .COM is the offshoot of one of India’s known leather by product manufacturers. MILLE DOLLARI – A MILLION DOLLAR BRAND aspires to be India’s largest online store featuring innovative and Upbeat fashion for Women and men. All branded wear lines across women’s wear – including Leather Jackets, Capri’s, Pants, Skirts and Shoes and men’s wear – including Leather Jackets & Shoes. Along with fashion wear, MILLE DOLLARI gets you High Fashion Bags, Fashion Travel Line, Office Bags, Cabin Luggage, iPad and Mobile Accessories. Every thing about us is based on 100% leather material to which we guarantee for life.


MILLE DOLLARI is one of the foremost online shopping store for Leather products . Some of the finest leather are crafted into exquisite patina shoes, sling bags, clutches, Hobo for ladies which is comparable to some of the best International brands. The collection also includes Leather Accessories such as belts, shoes, purses, wallets and office bags. Our Brands have unmatched leather quality and superb craftsmanship in contemporary colors and designs.



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“Highest quality Leather , using heritage techniques.”

~ Yash

Mille Dollari also has a tantalizing collection of Leather Luggage line. Your Luggage quality and material is a subtle indicator of your business refinement. Leather luggage accessories internationally are a mark of class and elegance.

Mille Dollari offers international class, contemporary design and exquisite craftsmanship of leather accessories and products through its online shopping store and brings a new definition of fashion at very competitive prices.

WE BELIVE LEATHERS ARE NOT ONLY TO BLACK’s AND BROWN’s . hence we have a wide range of BRANDS with coloful yet LEATHER products!!

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